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I took a staycation in NYC.. and loved it.

Its the little things in life that matter and during this year of uncertainty plus all the other crazy things that happened if I learned anything from 2020 its this.. do what you want and don't hesitate because its not guaranteed.

I took a much needed vacay to the big apple ( well not really nyc is my second home so I'm passed the tourist stage ) however, I went to my favorite place in the world , Brooklyn , and visited some gems on the way!


I travel alone everywhere alone, okay guys not everyone has friends , but I don't let stop me from having the best time wherever I go.

While in NYC I visited some of my favorite places to shoot content! pictured above is at Dumbo, Brooklyn where you can get this iconic shot of the Brooklyn bridge.

In my next blog post I will talk about how I do shoots by myself!

I also went to the Brooklyn promenade where you can get this iconic view of Manhattan, I come here to manifest because essentially this is where I want to be in my life.

Now its still COVID however you can still have fun while being social distance safe. Masks are worn everywhere and restaurants have outdoor dining plus you can explore many NYC gems outside.


Here are some of my top tips for travelling solo:

1. Have a plan of where you are going

I make sure I know the exact location of every place I want to go to and look up how to get there BEFORE hand. I don't like to look as if I'm not from where I am. Now, I take public transportation daily so its not foreign to me however, if you are not comfortable I would uber.

2. Keep protection on you

Now of course being a woman in can be quite dangerous being out alone, ensure that you have the proper protection on you to stay safe. I have pepper spray, taser and a knife key on my person at all times.

3. Be aware of your surroundings

This is self explanatory but you must be aware of what is going on around you at all times. When I am walking I'm not looking down at my phone or just aimlessly wondering! Always know what's going on around you.

I recommend everyone taking a vacation by themselves at least once in your lifetime you'll learn a lot about yourself and create some really cool memories!

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