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5 Tips to do at the start of EVERY month!

In today's blog post , I am going to be highlighting some key points that I do at the start of each month that keeps me motivated and helps my month run smooth!

I love the start of new months, weeks, ect. because it is an excellent time to reflect on the month that passed and to get ready for the new month coming ahead of you.

With many people that struggle with juggling a business, school, or just personal life it is important to keep organized to ensure your life doesn't take control of you rather you take control of it!



1. Reset Your Space

Resetting and organizing your space can make a huge difference to your mood!

waking up in a dirty room vs a clean one can make or break if you have a productive day or a unproductive one.

- DE-clutter your room

- clean out closet

- throw away all old things

2. Set Specific Goals

Setting short term , monthly goals helps stay motivated to reach long term goals you have in place. Also, setting smaller goals helps you to not feel overwhelmed or upset when you haven't reached the big goal.

3. Plan Your Month

Write down all events, projects and deadlines, this will allow you to stay organized early on so there is no surprise on what you have to do for the month.

Check out my YouTube video here or watch down below on how I stay organized and the systems that I use.

4. Set A Routine

Having a set routine in life helps keep you put together! sometimes we happen to stray from a routine but that is okay because you can reset and start over anytime. The start of a new month is great to instill habits you want to implement because it takes 21 days to form a habit, START TODAY.

Check out my previous blog post " 10 morning habits you need in 2020" to see the routine that I use everyday!

5. Review Last Month

Reflect on the past month and evaluate your wins and losses then plan accordingly.

What did you do that you didn't like and need to fix? What did you do on track?

I evaluate everything from goals to finances to my health, this helps you stay on track and or see if you are falling off and need to get back up!

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